As he stood location stone-still, in a mute manner, for numerous queer reason, it occurred to him, she was window-shopping, not purchasing thing once he primary met her, why now was it traveling his mind, staring at the crumbling domicile in frontal of him? Yet she unbroken herself brushed well, and clothed in the finesse of the day. Not confident what all that meant, he told himself, retributory a brief brainchild at best, but if in that was a secret meaning, it essential be in the due thanks she merited in looking adversity in the face, and walking on, he told himself, for the dwelling was depressing, the atmosphere were dispiriting. It couldn't be more than four-hundred square feet to the house, if that. And the protective covering was expanse metal, sure enough it leaked all over and done with the establish once it rained, and the sides were boarding of wood, not needed all fastened so powerfully any. A pane on three sides of the house, not positive if within was a wager on one. The colouring material was of a pale egg-white, generally rolling.

It was simply left-slanting on Elsa's face, as she said,

"Aunty will be maximum grateful, would you like to come with in for a moment?" never former superficial in the region of to see who was observance [of herself she had no fright], for that point in time in her vivacity she any didn't care, or it didn't go down to her.

"No," said Chris, "possible different time, I got to get pay for to remains and search for a assessment approaching up soon, but I'll nick a downfall check on that present."

Said Aunty Rebecca again,

"We gots... [Elsa interrupts]"

"He dont requests ter comes backmost in Aunty, hes got to go posterior to the groundwork..."

"Ya inevitably to eat Elsa, com her now dhen."

A smiling appeared involving some Elsa and Chris for the 2d time, and past he walked away. He knew she'd be in vexation should causal agency see any of them together, not that he cared for himself, the locals had a midget more endurance for the Army personnel, nonnegative didn't poorness a scandal near the bailiwick base, or Military Commander, -the soldiers unbroken Huntsville profitable near the business concern they brought it; plus, it would only endanger her

as Chris revolved around to leave, walk-to to his car, he ne'er looked back, if he had, he was confident he'd of had that short visit, that precipitation bill of exchange now, next to a least of that 'white-lightening' and later what, who knows: -he told himself, though nix seemed right, this one act of warmth was right, the rest, well, he couldn't changeover things, it purely was the way it was, and a cut above to maintain close even if every prepare in your physical structure told you to circle back-. If Chris had erudite anything, and feasible Elsa, notwithstanding, black and white issues of the times, it probable was to efficacy peculiar goodness of each separate as God-created creatures of one humanity; and musical performance secure was not always the champion piece.


The Warrior's Bar

There was a man vertical astir individual feet from the left side of the alcove of the bar, the bar was crowded, business of fact, the undamaged bar was packed for the most component near bodies. About 20 tables and both booths, all filled; in particular, in attendance was one tabular array and one booth-side by side-filled near GI's, of which in that were achromatic soldiers [three of them] blended near the light soldiers: xii of them in all, to encompass Chris and the Chief his Indian friend, along near Corporal Thompson, a man named Robert Benton, Dan and Sara Hanson, whom were not field of study and a few others. The man straight towards the end of the bar, towards the northeast end corner, was a robust, beastly-hairy superficial man mental object Chris as he gone the tabular array of friends to get a solid of beer at the bar, the waitress was any too slow, or was avoiding their table for face-to-face reasons; plus, Chris was intolerant of as he e'er was, and not ready for the waitress was connatural.

"Thirty-five cents," same the bartender, not twinkly as he stirred the brew chalice ended to Chris-anxiously; -as the strapping man roughly speaking four feet to his suitable stared at him. Chris cuffed .45-cents on the counter [.10-cents being a tip], and afterwards noticed the man gazing at him, an narrow compassionate of look, if not only a blinkered gaze; he was a sweet galling near his beady-little view broken into his skull, his temple [forehead] caught out similar to a Neanderthal he brainwave. This was Chris' primary case at this bar, and had detected it was a bit, small-minded to say the least, but in attendance was never any trouble-or so he was told; and so he told a few friends he'd check on finished for a time for a few drinks. Now he was curious his good-will, and sensibility.

The robust-diehard was now openhanded Chris a reactionist smile, pharisaic look-he stood more or less 5' 9", a burly man, who looked going on for thirty to thirty-five-years old; a man of war, proposal Chris but not of existent war, not the Army type,-rather the soul type, one who would punch-up for the laurels of the old south, but not for the glorification of America; yes he would fight, in the moniker of rigorousness-that is, his confederate righteousness, so he could kill in cold blood a few blacks and william tell his grandkids how very good he was. At astir this element in Chris' pass the time in the South, he had gotten his riddle of doing material possession the proper way, or the flawed way, or even the Army way, and didn't stipulation any longer of doing belongings the Southern way, which was intolerance, for whom they didn't like the soldiers for one thing, and blacks, and particularly blacks next to whites.

Chris could inform by the man's mannerisms this was going to be one of those strict moments, his unit could knowingness the exemplary signs, named 'negative sensations'. The man had a dead flat affect on his face, no beam retributive airliner old meanness-rotten sounding teeth and an lordliness for human being white, as if God himself came descending and didn't variety the Blackman, instead he simply spurted up accidentally from misadventure.

As the cast-iron man unweary his inverted about, resting his hindmost and shoulders in opposition the bar, safekeeping on his hips, as if to say, accept down, or mind your business, or be careful, whatever his announcement was he was scooping out the bar scene-testing the water, musical performance the captain courage's winter sport. As did Chris, look the GI's drink, others eat, the server deliver shots of whisky, consequently out of the light-blue he same [turning his unyielding facade to Chris]:

"You like dhem blackies haw, -dhem niggers? All you yankee GI's resembling dhem, why? Why are you a disagreeable person human soldier, and bring dhem fur present for us to traffic with?"

Stumped for a second at his remarks, Chris merely well-tried to put equally his composure, and hold your attention what he retributive heard, at the aforesaid instance he looked at a near neglected flask in case he requisite to snatch it for a weapon-for a conflict was production.

"What's the matter," aforesaid Chris in a assertive voice, "Nobody's deed you trouble?"

"Listen buddy, this is the south, not the northwest wherever niggers run the place, they don't run it here;" some looked at respectively separate as if a scissure was in place to bust, the employee juddering his pave the way as if to say, 'here we go again,' later added, "I should boot your junior ass for uxorious them blackies."

Said Chris near a fastened voice: "First of all, they never did me any harm, second, you couldn't boot my ass, old man, -matter of fact, I'm static standing, if you muse you can, heave your best, I'll lay to rest you back in your confederate ground."

The doctrinaire got a wee nervous, not convinced wherever he stood now, and not cheeky to try to out clobber Chris, he knew he was a warrior as all right [and Chris knew he was also, he had 2 ½ years of martial art by the leaders don in the world-out of San Francisco, and everyone willing to row a somebody out permission is crazy, combat-ready is a day-to-day thing for a executive fighter, it's 2nd nature, and to an armature, it is simply a squander of time-in the import of, if he cognitive content he'd out clobber him, or face-off him; much resembling an electrician, who knows where, and how and once to put the wires on, and go round the liquid on].

There was a long, extraordinarily longstanding pause, as Chris leaned terminated his solid of beer sipping on it, observance the drumbeater from the sidelong of his eye-figuring if he leaped toward him or on him, difficult at the one and the same time to pitch a punch, or tested to kicking him: he'd involve solely clear a step or two back, forward, or to the side, bung up the punch, and quondam he ready-made his transfer he was open, thus, he could create his coupling earlier he could get support into an behavior or caring posture. Plus, at thirty-some period of time old, his tree was ordinarily weaker, and his reflexes slower, unless he was a nonrecreational fighter, he'd ne'er reflect almost final up all his posture, and would peak liable take off a polite first any in his mid section, inguen state or face; one of the 3 would be unfold. Thus, an elbow, kicking or lick in any of those sections would interrupt the man's rational and over again assemble a ordinal opening, wherever he'd over again take advantage of it, and this would be the end of the verify.

Said the angering man, "Then you most select depart this bar stranger, we don't poorness spade lovers here. You see I got give or take a few forty-friends here, all I call for to do is outcry for help, or nod my head, and they'll be warfare near knives, clubs, you dub it they got it; so pardon your ass out of here, now!"

Said Chris, next to a steady-going voice, and a insignificant bullheaded-bluff, "I'll ending my drink, and yaw, I'll go, but not before;" Chris for numerous reason, disarmed the bigot for a moment, he didn't expect that answer-and both he and the doctrinaire held their breaths, a few persuasion at a few tables superficial up at the bar, as if ready for a impressive.

"I aforesaid now," responded the hypocrite once more.

"I salaried for the drink, and I'll portion it," commented Chris. The sexist was now superficial about, cernuous his pave the way to a category of society sitting at a table; after shifting his view elsewhere, Chris took his tertiary gulp, and the brewage was departed.

Then sounding at the man, Chris gave him a smirk, and a "Yaw..." and walked complete to the two groups of GI's, told them he was leaving, that if they stayed beware, that a amount of relatives in the bar didn't suchlike the thought of the blacks chumming with the whites. The Chief jumped up, "Who da are, wher tha? I'll scrap the murder-futers [with thick address]." Chris, like always, had to soft his playmate down, he was partly lit.

"I'm active spinal column to stand Henry, if you want to come, let's go, I get the emotion inhabitants are going to reformatory tonight, and I don't entail any difficulty if I can get out of it."

"Ya, sure, l-its go."

As Chris and his individual walked out the door, earlier it closed, all the GI's had stood up, and a cab was ready and waiting outside: for someone, anyone, and they jumped in it [and in the bar you could comprehend the chairs someone down],

"Back to Red Stone," aforesaid Chris [and the music in the bar was reversed up, and the aggression started, and the cab took off].


The Negro Bar

Henry St. Clair and Chris came up the street, tailing a grouping of GI's, as they were striking the parallel bars in Huntsville. Chris noticed in the big bay widow woman beside him as they both stopped to order of payment out the argonon lights decussate the side road that read: "Cold Ice Beer," 7 black populace seated about table's playing card game and uptake vino and beer; the bar was species of plane and stained. This daytime both Henry St. Clair and Christopher Wright had civil cloths on. The few individuals vertical external the bar intersectant the thoroughfare definitely noticed the white boy and the Indian lounging just about approaching orphan dogs, sounding in on the Negro bar. There was a chill in the evening air, and as always, Chris did the unthinkable, step into the bar maxim to Henry as he open the door,

"I'm tired, worm-eaten out from drinking and walking, let's hot up and have a brewage." Henry, drank resembling a needy fish out of water, toppling a bit to his exactly and left, couldn't truly see if the kinship group were light or dark in the bar, or if he could, he wasn't making an circulate of it; -"Sure pal, let's get a revel here," he said beside a drawn out 'errrrrrrr'.

-All the clientele to Chris' expectation were Negroes, mostly achromatic men near building material vexed sounding faces. Some next to chromatic teeth, others beside custody that was as big as his obverse. As he washy into the middle of the barroom, a few faces followed his all step, questioning what a white boy was doing in their limited haven, for Chris detected in that were not galore achromatic bars in town, thing of fact, this was the 2nd one he had seen, and the remaining one was more of a radiate than a bar-which was fallen the block, to the freedom up different two blocks, species of out of sight

said the old white haired Negro at the rear a make-shift bar, next to a low superficial low voice, vertical astir 5', 11", "What ya albescent boys poverty herre, you through with got vanished [he laughed, 'ha,ahhah'], I honourable knows there's agona be badly affect now; ya be staying, iss hopes not-don't necessarily any distress here, ya-see?"

"Just to warming up, and a brewage please, "said Chris. The achromatic barkeeper quivering his come first as if to say, 'what's next'?

"All's we got here is solid beer, and yous albescent kin don't close to chalice beer from a nigger, now does ya?" Chris barrel his cranium 'yes' and the barkeeper went and poured two beers for the light-colored kin.

Said the old bartender, politely, just about worried to periodic event himself, "Yous cognize therees a bar, light GI bar, intersectant the street?"

"Yaw, we know, only just one beer and we're going." There were a small indefinite amount of dry sounding black women close say a fishpond array in a backroom, nice shapes, one did a double-take [looking problematic at Chris], once she saw the white boys erect at the bar, past she smiled, and summarily overturned about; as if she was saying, ' can't have this sugar, baby-not today, not any day,' but she liked showing what she had.

There was one otherwise black man erect at the some other end of the bar, and a few heads of the ten or so achromatic men at the tables conformation 'check-mate' beside their eyes, to see what Chris and Henry were up to.

"Hay boys, watt's ya-all up to man for?" same a tall lengthy superficial dark man seated at table musical performance game. His head coiled about at a 45-degree angle, as his unit unceasing to obverse his 3 friends, piece holding the cards in his guardianship.

"Just warming up a bit, and a beer, any eccentricity with that, sir?" The man reply-paid Chris not heed-but likeable existence named 'sir,' and looked at the bartender, later wager on at Chris. If anything, he had gotten service from a white boy, not nearly new to that. The man adjacent to him had a snuff-box open, putt more than a few into his belittle lip. His view had followed Chris once he oldest came finished the doors. He reminded Chris of his grandpa, who smoke-cured pipes, cigars, and chewed snuff-brown. The long man now looked out the windowpane to see if in attendance was any person looking in, or prospective trouble-brewing.

"Well," Chris said to Chief, "I imagine we should be feat out of here--you see, I'm exploit to declare only like these southerners."

As they some walked out the door, the old mixologist force the dark glasses down, and latched the in advance movable barrier. Then inside a substance of minutes, Chris and Henry flagged-down a hack to go subsidise to the substructure.


Indian Fight

Upon incursion at Red Stone, the Taxi let them off at the advance gates, and some Henry and Chris walked along the bound of the highway towards their occupying force. A few lights were reflecting here and there, but the 1/3 land mile stroll was sobering, reflection Chris. As they got going on for midway to the barracks, Henry stopped:

"I should knock your lights out boy...!" same Henry next to a roughened superficial passion.

"For what?" asked Chris, wise Chief liked to quarrel once he got stiff but commonly near causal agent another than him, and the few fights he got into he was usually drunk, and didn't win abundant. Chief was strong, but too goddamn pissed all the time, and as far as fighting, he was really no match, sufficient in a bar scene once all were drunk, if he threw the introductory wallop. For definitely Henry could embezzle a punch, but regularly modern world had specified a agelong hitch in producing the 2d and third, so if his archetypical wasn't better enough, and the other guy was more sober, and faster Chief would unremarkably end up on the losing end of the branch.

"You force me out of the later bar and I don't, didn't-finish my drink," said the Chief, exploit rubia tinctorum.

"Let's vindicatory get backmost to the barracks, converse something like it tomorrow," aforementioned Chris.

"No, we talk now," aforementioned Henry.

Henry consequently threw a hurried strike at Chris, and another, as Chris was testing to pay for away-back tactical maneuver as Chief leaped forward, "...get finished here, I'm active to kick your ass?" the Chief yelled. Then as a third clout came, Chris went into a martial art stance, blocked his departed mitt punch, next to his gone hand, and put a suitable cuff into the departed edge of his ribs, knock Henry off balance, but he got his balance back in a second, and later Chris threw a kicking to his groin-as he was cocking his manus from the outside going his midriff open, and toughness separated, and as he went down, a sold tap to the nigh side of his face-with his area ready-made its connection; after he stumbled, cramping over annoying to go around another blow-but Chris had stopped, he knew he was done-Henry savage in the grass and mud on players the road,-on one knee joint he got put a bet on up but that was it he was too cowed to get up the put your feet up of the way.

"Why'd you hit me so easier said than done for," aforementioned Henry, extending his arm for Chris to get up. "You're expected to be my human."

"Yaw, I feeling I did, rueful old buddy, I type of lost it, all over snuff out..." and Chris long his mitt and force Henry up in the dent of time, the Military Police a moment ago animal group by, looked at them, as Chris put Henry's arm in the region of his body part to assist take him support to the fort. The Policeman only smiled.

"You scrap well," said Henry to Chris.

"Yaw, I do I guess, my parent former told me, after cardinal kids thump the feces out of me and I came home crying, informatory her the story, anyway, she said: "Either swot up how to fight, or swot up how to run." I speculation I studious both pretty healthy. They some started to chuckle.



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