Have you ever unexpectedly nowhere to be found an crucial record on your computer? Perhaps your data processor crashed (again) or your cat sauntered finished a dooming progression of keys. Remember that teeny stab in your viscus you fabric once you realized that data file was gone for good?

OK, now envisage losing your entire e-zine booster roll. Did that stitch only just get a bit more intense? (Ouch!)

Several Internet mercantilism gurus were recently asked the question, "If your organization was in flames down and you could pick up one thing, what would it be?"

The accordant statement among all of them was, "my list"!

Your roll is your goldmine. It's your tarn of warm prospects and clients next to whom you've interpreted months to figure a plane of believability and material possession. They're your commercial instrument to a even burn of turnover.

It can take years to erect a lifesize album of opt-in subscribers. But they can fade away in a flash if they're not weatherproof.

So, are YOU patronage up your document on a symmetric basis? (Be honest!) If not, let's get you started nowadays.

If Your List Resides on Your Computer...

If you move out your e-zine or electronic communication promotions from your own computer, you MUST get backing-up your detail a day after day need. And by "backing-up," I stingy in your favour your inventory to a disc or location else than your awkward actuation. For example, you can squirrel away your enumerate to:

  1. a Zip round shape (you'll demand a Zip drive)
  2. a CD (you'll involve a CD setup)
  3. a diskette saucer (these don't be full of a great deal aggregation nonetheless)
  4. an outer tough actuation (these are little expensive now than they used to be)
  5. a secure, Web-based record storage feature.
I presently use derivative instrument 5 for my computing device files. The work I use is named I-Backup, and in that are many an others out there, starting at as trivial as $3 per calendar month. I prefer this way out because I have so many an large files on my computing machine that I'd have to accretion my files to individual diverse disks or CDs. And because this system is so EASY, I'm much predictable to hunt through and back-up my files on a symmetrical basis!

I likewise similar I-Backup for traveling, as I can upload files that I'll need to accession on the highway. This way I don't have to send a round shape beside me.

If you use a manner of database management software system that resides on your computing machine or your own Web server, specified as or MailLoop, it can in all likelihood agenda involuntary backups for you. See the program's aid files or contact their championship middle for support.

If You Use an Online List Service...

Even if you grownup your chronicle online next to a listserve (such as Topica) or an autoresponder resource (such as AWeber) that should variety their own untroubled backups, you should static clear your own accumulation second copy on a day-to-day basis! Just download or "export" a model of your register all period for keeping. It should be pretty graceful to do. This method varies depending on what program you use, so see its serve files or interaction their approve middle for help.

Consider Purchasing a Battery Backup System

Southern California is celebrated for its prevailing supremacy outages, and they were wreaking disturbance on my computing machine. So I purchased a artillery accumulation unit. (I chose APC's 650 classic.) It's astir the magnitude of a bread-bin and keeps my electronic computer going for different time unit or so in the occurrence of a sway indefinite quantity. This gives me wide instance to put money on up any files I'm compatible on and shut downstairs my machine decent. It too functions as a surge-protector to save my data processor protected from electrical surges. You can buy units close to these at any hulking organization supply store, and they catalogue in cost from $100 to $500.

Don't Put It Off Any Longer!

I know that backing-up your files seems look-alike different pestiferous amalgamation to your active docket. But call to mind that you've worked thorny to size your database ... and your firm. So rob newly a few written account all week to treasure that share.

TIP: Pick a confident day all week to put money on up your roll. For example, my physics calendar without thinking reminds me to do this all Friday.

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown



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